La conférence annuelle d’Euprio, association regroupant les communicants européens de l’enseignement supérieur, aura lieu cette année du 1e au 3 septembre, sur le thème de la marque.

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EUPRIO conference Antwerp is approaching

Despite heavy rain and flooding across parts of Europe last week, rest assured that summer is approaching…and so is the 2016 EUPRIO conference in Antwerp! 

The overall theme of this year’s conference is branding – and how university communicators can, and need to, develop their brand to flourish in an ever competitive marketplace.

Sessions are filling fast for the conference in September, so it is recommended to register now, ensure your attendance and be sure of reserving a place at the workshops and talks that appeal to you.

All attendees are encouraged to listen to Peter Hinssen’s keynote speech on the ‘Day After Tomorrow’, when new ideas, business models, radically new technologies or concepts could change the way in which universities operate forever; not only do we need to embrace change, he argues, we need to accelerate it!  Peter Hinssen will closely examine the world of higher education and ask: How can we incorporate the Day After Tomorrow thinking into the sector ? How can we re-think, re-energize, and re-boot higher education, ready for the Day After Tomorrow ?

As well as stimulating sessions and great networking opportunities, the conference in Antwerp gives those attending the chance to discover the rich culture that the city has to offer.  Belgium is famous for its fabulous food, and Antwerp has some great restaurants and bars. Everyone should sample its culinary specialities: mussels, waffles, chocolates, beers, wines, and much more. Around town the MAS Museum and Rubens House should not be missed, and if you can’t afford the diamonds that Antwerp is famous for, the city is an international fashion centre with a wide range of shops offering everything from haute couture to second-hand retro.

To whet your appetite for the EUPRIO 2016, follow the conference blog

Contacts :

Christine Legrand,Présidente d’EUPRIO                                                         


Florence Lauriac, représentante France

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